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 Online TABC Certification:

  • $21.99 for 2 year certification
  • 2 hour Self paced course
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Our 2 hour TABC course is an informative and entertaining video presentation that offers real world examples and techniques that work. Our video is designed around real life situations and was partially filmed in actual operating restaurants, bars, package and convenience stores. Some of the people in this video are real employees, others are professional actors.  The encounters and situations depicted show first hand how to handle the responsibilities of an alcoholic beverage seller or server.

Upon completion of the 2 hour TABC certification course and final exam you may print your TABC certificate and save a copy on your computer.  You can then e-mail a copy to your employer.

You will learn:

  • the effects of alcohol on customers

  • the early signs of intoxication

  • the liability issues for you and your company

  • tips on how to refuse a sale without conflict

  • tips on how to handle trouble

  • proper way to check ID’s

  • tips on identifying minors

  • tips on spotting a fake ID

  • what you are responsible for as an alcohol server

The TABC and other law enforcement agencies around the United States take the sales of alcohol to minors very seriously and work undercover “sting” operations to assure that all laws involving the sales, serving and distribution of alcoholic beverages are being enforced. Once you have obtained your TABC certification you will possess valuable tools necessary to be a responsible seller server of alcoholic beverages. Your knowledge will significantly reduce the risks associated with the sales of alcoholic beverages to yourself and to your employer.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.  Responsible seller servers don’t let patrons drive drunk.